Meritocracy in Singapore

It’s funny how oftentimes some words we had never really thought about suddenly make us reflect on topics and issues we’d never even considered. A colleague recently sent me this interview in which DPM Tharman discusses something I’ve always taken for granted: meritocracy. We’re all familiar with the notion of “meritocracy”; it’s a system in […]

Blue-collar blues

Blue-collar occupations have always been somewhat devalued in Singapore. Uniformed work, when compared to cushy desk jobs, has suffered from a negative image, as if the people doing these jobs weren’t capable of doing better jobs or as if their contribution to society wasn’t important. Need some proof? Simply read some of the articles on […]

May Day – In my shoes

On a typical day we’ll cross paths with many different people – construction workers building or renovating the urban landscape, MRT staff directing passenger traffic, the office auntie cleaning up the office for the day ahead, the old uncle clearing utensils at the CBD hawker stalls, to name but a few of the more common […]