Not so diverse?

A recent WSJ article brought my attention to the old gripe of foreigners being kept at all the top positions in MNCs in Asia. The article discusses the fact that most MNCs still rely on expatriates to fill their top jobs despite being in the region for many years and despite having an abundance of […]

Well-deserved recognition

What a proud moment it was for Singapore when local director, Anthony Chen, became the first Singaporean to win the coveted Caméra d’or (which translates to Golden Camera in English) honour at  the recent Cannes Film Festival! For those less familiar with the festival, the award is presented to the best first feature film of […]

I am parent, hear me roar!

A friend of mine, the eldest of five, fondly attributes the person he is today to his mum’s upbringing. She was a strict, no-nonsense woman – perfect behaviour at the dinner table, excellent marks in school, demanding extra-curricular activities, impeccably maintained room, etc. His dad, the breadwinner and typical authoritative figure in the family, expected […]