Birthrate and Marriage

Birthrate and Marriage

On the topic of marriage and children, we’d like to start here: history shows that no amount of government initiatives will encourage couples to have babies. Not more welfare, not more incentives. Political material will have you think that more welfare, more flexibility in work and more money will improve fertility rates in a country. […]

We’ve got the money – now where’s honey and baby?

  (Photo: Not the real couple) Last week, the latest Marriage and Parenthood Package 2013 was released. An increased annual budget from $1.6 billion to $2 billion was implemented in a bid to make Singapore more family-friendly. I caught up with Jacqueline and Darren (not their real names), a young couple who got married in 2009 […]

Here’s why we’re not getting married

When it comes to children, family and marriage – I feel we are too quick to take the easiest route out and seek blame. We blame society for its high prices, we blame the state for lack of welfare, we seek new target boards and means to justify it. I’d like to present a new […]