Budget Schemes and Measures that make the difference to Singaporeans

The first Budget speech was made by the late Mr Lim Kim San in December 1965. Throughout the years, many Budget schemes and measures have come and gone to help make Singapore a better place to live, work and play in. Coming up with Budget schemes and measures take a lot of research and discussion […]

Budget 2014: A Quick Summary

  With a healthy surplus of S$3.9b, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shamugaratnam rolled out this year’s budget with observably higher social spending. The Pioneer Generation’s package is the boldest delivery of the Government’s commitment to honour the work of “Pioneer Singaporeans”, those who were at least 16 years old during 1965. Special attention to elderly […]

Cycling in Singapore

Cycling in Singapore: why all the hate?

It’s funny how in Singapore we’re constantly complaining about the price of COE, the MRT breakdowns, and the overcrowded buses, but we also can’t stand those that use alternative modes of transport. Don’t believe me? Just go on Stomp or Youtube and you’ll see hundreds of articles, photos, and videos of people insulting cyclists who […]

Can discrimination be positive?

Discrimination is usually seen as a negative concept. Whether it’s refusing access to a job, denying entry to a location, or reinforcing inequalities, discrimination can take many forms and can be found in all areas of life. It can be explicit or implicit: “No Indians” in property ads or “must speak Mandarin” in job descriptions. […]

Singaporeans give their two cents on WorkPro

The recent S$170m WorkPro scheme represents a generous sum of money dedicated to encouraging non-active people (those not holding a job and not actively looking for one) to re-enter the workforce. A retention bonus will also be given if the employee stays with the company for at least a year. For those that have never […]


From PSLE to FST (Foreigners Screening Test)?

Being a born and bred Singaporean, the changes to the law for foreign employment came as good news to me. Sure, I came across reports saying that some bosses are complaining about not being able to find enough waitresses and service staff, but honestly, those are not really my dai ji since I’m a salaried […]

Singaporeans first

“Singaporeans first” – what is it all about?

Philippines’s popular fast food chain Jollibee opened its doors in Singapore two weeks ago. Quite an exciting news for food-loving Singaporeans, right? But the situation turned a little sour when rumours started spreading on the company’s alleged preference towards Filipino workers; angry Singaporeans even threatened to boycott the restaurant! In the end, the company officially […]

Changes to Employment Act: A Big Win for PMEs

  The announcement of changes to the Employment Act made by Tan Chuan-Jin in Parliament last week is a big win since the hundreds of thousands of workers (about 450k) who were not entitled to protection before can soon have peace of mind. It makes sense that the Gahmen has taken the bold step to review […]


The end of expensive flats?

The Ministry of National Development recently announced that singles are now eligible to buy two-room flats directly from the Housing board. This is applicable to singles who are aged 35 and above and have monthly incomes capped at $5,000 (though newer reports indicate this cap may be changed in the coming weeks). According to Khaw […]

Thanking the unsung heroes of Singapore

Pictures of Singapore’s unsung heroes have been showing on Facebook. It’s basically a project to compile the faces of all the people who help make Singapore awesome. That’s why it has quickly received many positive comments from people who think it’s about time those that give Singapore its true soul are recognised! It’s true: next […]