Sudden Closure of California Fitness – What Happens Now?

If you have no idea what happened in the past 12 hours, All California Fitness gyms in Singapore will be closed with immediate effect. Existing members did not receive any prior notice. A training program planned to last until 24th July was published on their Facebook Page on 17th July, just 3 days before this happened. […]

Payment Collection: The Bane of Small Businesses

  Half of all SMEs project stagnant turnover growth according to the results of the SME Development Survey 2015, published in Nov 2015. The survey identified three main concerns faced by SMEs; Difficulty in hiring staff, high manpower costs, and increasing competition. The report goes on to give an excellent view of the SME landscape, […]

3d printing – a new hope?

If you haven’t heard of 3D printing yet then you’re in for a world of amazement! Without getting into technicalities, 3D printing is basically a “process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model”. That means anything you can design using 3D software can, in theory, be printed out […]


What’s more expensive – Singapore or Singaporeans’ habits?

Recently, Singapore’s debt level has been touted as “among the highest in Asia”, mainly due to property loans. Not only that, the Credit Bureau Singapore highlighted that more Singaporeans are taking multiple loans – thanks (or no thanks) to low interest rates. As shared by one of our contributors, an average earner here will perpetually […]

Entrepreneurism: do you fit the bill?

Entrepreneurism: do you fit the bill?

The Entrepreneurship Review Committee (EnRC) recently held a discussion on how hard it is to motivate Singaporeans into becoming entrepreneurs or working for start-up companies. The 30 entrepreneurs who took part in the session raised some very interesting concerns on nurturing an enterprising spirit. As Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Teo Ser Luck, […]

Progressing with the times

Process redesign, business reengineering, social collaboration, and automation feature among the exciting tools available to reduce manual steps and wasted operating time and energy. With the crunch in foreign manpower, it is important that businesses (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) strategically harness these methods to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. It is therefore […]


Bankruptcy: the end of the line?

Since last year’s Parliamentary Sitting, the DPM and MOF have been asked to review the Act which allows employees to claim a cap of 5 months’ salary or $7,500, whichever is lower, in the event that a company goes bust. While the purpose of the cap is to strike a balance between the rights of […]

Waste not, want not

I doubt many people gave two blinks about last week’s news on Singaporeans wasting a new record high of more than 700k tons of food – more like giving judgmental sideway looks and thinking “nope, not me. I only left out a spoonful of rice (and perhaps one tiny piece of chicken) during lunch!”. Sure, […]

Clear skies, clear minds

With the air clearing up and the PSI returning to decent levels, it’s time to also clear our heads and think about what can be done going forward to resolve the on-going haze problem and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid another haze-intensive episode. Of course, solving such a big problem isn’t a simple […]

Singapore, still a shopping heaven!

It’s hard to miss the fact that it’s the sales season in Singapore, especially when my friends from Myanmar and Thailand are bombarding my Facebook feed with their plans to visit the country for their annual shopping trip. Not surprisingly, Mr Steven Goh, Executive Director of the Orchard Road Business Association is expecting to see […]