Why Do We Need Tripartite Guidelines on Managing Excess Manpower?

I had the opportunity to be involved in an outplacement exercise recently. The company in the financial sector had to downsize their operational staffs and about a dozen staff were affected. One of them had been with the company for more than 10 years; another one (let’s call him Peter*) was very close to reaching […]

What Deflation Means For Singapore

Although no one really likes inflation (where you see the value of your dollar declining), deflation is a worse headache to overcome. Deflation is a general decline in prices, according to Investopedia. It means prices of the things we buy become cheaper. It’s different from having a sale, whose purpose is usually to get rid of […]

How To Survive Without Unemployment Insurance

I survived it; so can you. Source There was a period in my life that I was scarily, firmly unemployed. Not through any choice of my own, except that I had to comply with the wishes of my ex-boss to resign. Unemployment isn’t something you can completely control. Being asked to leave is the slap […]

Five Reasons Teachers are Pissed Off at MOE

The removal of free parking in schools is just the tip of the iceberg. 1. Teachers are underpaid. Although the starting pay of teachers is now at an attractive $3,010 for graduates and $1,580 for non-graduates, there is much to be said for the wage progression thereafter. Even Labour MP Zainal Sapari, who was an […]

Three Ways To Reduce Foreign Talent in Singapore

But will their departure lead to more good jobs for Singaporeans? As of June 2015, there are 180,800 Employment Passes in Singapore, MOM says. The number is climbing every year. What if we were to stop and even reverse the trend of hiring foreign talent? How do we even go about doing it? One way is […]

No One In Singapore Is Safe From This

It’s not just the terrorism or flu. We, as Singaporeans, crave certainty and like to be proven right. But this is something many of us get terribly wrong. And this is something we can never be safe from. Link It’s not an airplane, sea or road accident. It would have never occurred to us that […]

Your Letters: Flexible Work Arrangement: Not possible?

  You are a woman. You have just given birth. Your in-laws want you to spend more time with your child. Your husband wants you to spend more time with your child. YOU want to spend more time with your child. But the bills need paying, diapers need buying, milk powder is very expensive. How? […]

So you’ve been fired. Now what?

  Kena fired izzit?  That’s gotta hurt. But while you wallow in self pity, why not also read this handy list to help you make the next step:  1.    Ask for a reference Many employers will give a written reference after termination. Even if it’s just the dates you were employed and your job scope, […]

Hear me roar

I’m not a mother. Not yet at least, but I’ve always known that I do want children at some point in time. From the smell of babies after they shower, their soft sighs when they sleep, to dealing with teenage angst and rebellion –  I can’t wait to experience the joys (and pains) of parenting! […]


Bankruptcy: the end of the line?

Since last year’s Parliamentary Sitting, the DPM and MOF have been asked to review the Act which allows employees to claim a cap of 5 months’ salary or $7,500, whichever is lower, in the event that a company goes bust. While the purpose of the cap is to strike a balance between the rights of […]