Changi Airport – The new Rebel Hangar

Changi Airport has upped it’s Star Wars game. You’re in for a real treat if you’re a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, with it’s latest installment coming out in theaters soon. With a giant replica of an X-wing and a TIE fighter on display along with characters such as R2D2 in the fold, […]

The sky is the limit

“We are not at the limits. The sky is the limit…” Borrowing from Cervantes’s Don Quixote, the Prime Minister very optimistically presented the government’s plans for Singapore’s urban development in his recent National Day Rally 2013 speech. “We are creating possibilities for the future. We are opening up opportunities for our children, for their children […]

Going the extra mile

In 2005, the Singapore government launched something called the GEMS campaign (Going the Extra Mile for Service), a strategy that received a somewhat lukewarm response. Many saw this not necessarily as a real effort to spruce up service, but as a knee-jerk move to ensure the IMF and World Bank Board of Governors annual meeting […]