8 MORE lines 80s S’porean babies used to say but have forgotten

  Mothership.sg posted an article titled “13 lines 1980s S’porean babies used to say but have forgotten” But we feel they have left out a few legendary phrases.   So here are 8 more lines that we most definitely have said, and have probably forgotten!   1. You couldn’t go to the loo without this […]

Knee jerk government reactions

An internet day is worth a hundred real world days. Remember the kid at My First Skool? Yeah, the news feels so old already doesn’t it? But I read recently, the childcare centre has had its licence tenure cut to six months (from 24 months) by the Social and Family Development Ministry. This means the […]

I am parent, hear me roar!

A friend of mine, the eldest of five, fondly attributes the person he is today to his mum’s upbringing. She was a strict, no-nonsense woman – perfect behaviour at the dinner table, excellent marks in school, demanding extra-curricular activities, impeccably maintained room, etc. His dad, the breadwinner and typical authoritative figure in the family, expected […]