Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids in Singapore

There is a trend of couples going child-free, as Kirsten Han aptly put it. Among my married friends, there are those with kids (like it or not), those who can’t even if they tried, and a small but growing group of those who deliberately choose not to have kids. Singapore isn’t kind to the latter […]

Singapore education reform on the horizon

This year’s NDR goodies should give parents, teachers, and students a reason to rejoice! But is this really the case? Let’s unpack and see what we have here: 1. Including home-schoolers, madrasah and overseas students in Edusave coverage (previously only for those studying in MOE-recognised local institutions).  It’s great that the government is starting to […]

Knee jerk government reactions

An internet day is worth a hundred real world days. Remember the kid at My First Skool? Yeah, the news feels so old already doesn’t it? But I read recently, the childcare centre has had its licence tenure cut to six months (from 24 months) by the Social and Family Development Ministry. This means the […]

Five In The Family

(Joshua and Joanne Sng) It’s possible to raise a large, well-balanced family in Singapore – just ask Joshua and Joanne Sng, who make it look all too easy. The Sngs, by many accounts, make a picture perfect family, especially when all five are kitted out in identical Arsenal jerseys, the favourite team of mum Joanne […]


Celebrating all women

Today is International Women’s Day, the day you may hear this phrase everywhere: “behind every successful man, there is a woman”. As many people know, this is not just a catchy slogan. It’s actually a reality! There are a number of powerful women; from Hillary Clinton in foreign politics to Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer […]

Childcare and education in Singapore – Time to simplify things!

This morning I woke up to all the mothers on my Facebook newsfeed posting this recent article on the costs of raising a child in Singapore.   The cost estimate described by the author kind of took me by surprise, as I had no idea it could get so expensive!   I mean, I know […]

Tying the knot in Singapore – not so romantic?

Summary: How do young couples cope with the financial woes of tying the knot? Is getting married becoming more of a financial arrangement? What impact does this have on couples’ everyday lives? Saw this article on Singaporeans having children earlier and earlier?  Reminded me of a good friend of mine. Clara, who’s only 24 years old […]

So marry me, maybe?

Summary: How do young Singaporeans view marriage and parenthood? What are some of the challenges and obstacles to marriage/parenthood that local singles/couples are facing? Are there any enhancements that the government can provide to the existing marriage and parenthood package to entice young couples? Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I had a massive […]