10 things that annoy Singaporeans

In the spirit of the National Day month, I thought it’d be fun to list some of the things that tend to get on Singaporeans’ nerves. Got one to share? Comment below! 1. NDP songs (and also: why must have a different song each year?!) Source: screen cap from NDP 2013 Theme Song (I dare […]

Feeding the trolls

One of the Facebook posts we posted last month received some really interesting comments, showing that we’re not the only ones worried about the current trend of irresponsible trolls speaking (in this case typing) louder than constructive netizens. Of course this is hardly a new trend; even before the internet, those that yelled the loudest […]

All that we can be

All that we can be

As a Singaporean working closely with foreigners, I’m starting to see Singapore from an outsider’s perspective and understanding why our little red dot appeals to them so much. To them, especially to our counterparts across the causeway, it’s amazing how much we’ve grown economically and established ourselves as a cosmopolitan world capital while making sure […]

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing

This recent article really caught my eye and heart. It was a beautifully succinct piece written by Alvan Yap, an advocacy executive with the DPA (Disabled People’s Association). In his blog post, Alvan referenced the written exchanges between Professor Tommy Koh and the LTA in the Straits Times a few years back. What initially started […]

Defining Ourselves

How Singaporean are you?

If you were in a foreign country and somebody asked for your nationality, would you refer to yourself as a Singaporean, or a Singapore Citizen? In the eyes of the law, there is no distinction between being a Singaporean and a Singapore Citizen. However, outside their legal context, both terms are not entirely the same […]