Kiasu until you lose

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but despite our best efforts, many Singaporeans out there are still very kiasu in their day-to-day life. From people pushing and shoving to get on MRT trains, rushing for freebies, cutting queues, to acting rudely, aggressively, and unreasonably to get ahead, these are still many unpleasant experiences we Singaporeans […]

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing

This recent article really caught my eye and heart. It was a beautifully succinct piece written by Alvan Yap, an advocacy executive with the DPA (Disabled People’s Association). In his blog post, Alvan referenced the written exchanges between Professor Tommy Koh and the LTA in the Straits Times a few years back. What initially started […]

Love thy neighbour

With Singa’s recent public resignation (turns out it was a “planned hoax” and this magazine has written about it) and the government’s plan of enforcing compulsory neighbour mediation law, one can’t help but question the state of our ‘friendly’ societal tolerance. How would you feel about having the law jump in to get you and […]

Social enterprises – the future of entrepreneurship

Social enterprises are increasingly being mentioned in articles discussing innovative business models. But what exactly are they? How do they work? And what is their purpose/usefulness for Singapore? There doesn’t seem to be one unique definition out there, but basically they’re a somewhat modern type of business: they straddle the fence between the conventional private […]

Socialising businesses in Singapore

Unless you were living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you will have heard of the heart-warming story of coffee shops and customers joining forces to bring free coffees to the needy. The practice, commonly known as Pay It Forward, is very simple: people buying a cup of coffee can choose to pay […]

Strawberry Generation

Politics divide people, leaders unite people

    The previous post made by Darryl introduced a new term to me: Inclusive Politics. My immediate thoughts were, “Wouldn’t that be sort of an oxymoron?” No offense to Darryl who coined it, but politics, in my mind, is necessarily divisive. That’s the truth about politics and power struggle. You divide the people against your […]