Singapore’s very 1st Mermaid is on the way.

WHAT HAPPENED?   Yup, you read that right. Miss Mermaid Singapore 2016, the first pageant of its kind just happened. It actually garnered 61 signups but only the top 14 mermaids in Singapore managed to proceed to the finals. The beauty pageant originated in Germany in 2014. The winner of the Singapore pageant will receive […]

Life cycle of a western male expat in singapore

Class, the tables you see below illustrates the typical experience of a western, male expat in Singapore. How accurate do you think this is? (And no, it is not drawn to scale – so don’t go OCD on the graph please)   [1 month, happiness factor 40] FOB and excited about life. New city, new […]

Progressing with the times

Process redesign, business reengineering, social collaboration, and automation feature among the exciting tools available to reduce manual steps and wasted operating time and energy. With the crunch in foreign manpower, it is important that businesses (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) strategically harness these methods to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. It is therefore […]

Ramsay vs. hawkers: challenge accepted!

The local foodie community has united and reacted in fits of frenzy following the announcement that the renowned (or infamous, depending on your appreciation for the guy :)) British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, has officially accepted the “Hawker Heroes” challenge. In case you’ve been too caught up with the haze and hail in Singapore and […]

Well-deserved recognition

What a proud moment it was for Singapore when local director, Anthony Chen, became the first Singaporean to win the coveted Caméra d’or (which translates to Golden Camera in English) honour at  the recent Cannes Film Festival! For those less familiar with the festival, the award is presented to the best first feature film of […]

Cultivating culture and an interview with Deniece

Multimillion dollar investments, expensive art schools, an iconic durian looking theatre and more art galleries than you can shake a stick at – does this mean that we have actually cultivated a healthy and productive environment for creative minds to thrive here? T K Sabapath (a distinguished art historian with extensive published work on art […]

FTs – are they really the issue?

Summary: Are Singaporeans’ comments about FTs fair? Employers – are they the real problem? Upgrading one’s skill sets is the way up the career ladder These days, given the wave of anti-FT sentiment (and I stop short of using the term ‘anti-foreigner’) that has become increasingly widespread among Singaporeans, it almost always just takes one […]