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Your Letters: If not the GIC, then who?

I read with interest a casual blogger’s post titled “10 reasons why I do not trust GIC to manage my CPF savings”  To sum up, he alleges that GIC has lost money in one paragraph and several paragraphs later he alleges that GIC has made so much money and doesn’t dare disclose it. He thinks […]

CPF – is it really bad?

22 year old me is hearing things about CPF that got me curious. Some questioned our CPF interest rate being too low despite GIC and Temasek Holdings earning huge returns – surely our interest rates could be higher. Others worry that they cannot withdraw their CPF monies with the increasing minimum sum. Along with the […]

Your Letters: A reply to Catherine

The letter below has been submitted by “John Woo” Catherine is a noted writer of many fictional articles. She writes beautiful pieces of drama and I must say I enjoy her latest “open letter” in just the same way I had her little stories. I would like to start this letter by assuring you, Catherine […]

10 ideas to increase in-flow into CPF savings

  “Having enough savings for retirement is an important priority for everyone. CPF savings is one key source of retirement savings. In Parliament today, I discussed various ways to increase CPF savings through the combined efforts of the individual, employer and the Government.” – Heng Chee How The Deputy Secretary General of the NTUC made […]

CPF: Comparison of retirement plans around the world, US, UK and Canada

You asked – we did the leg work! We published a comparison of retirement plans around the world earlier today, and readers have asked us to compare programs with those in the UK, United States and Canada. Here we go, enjoy! United Kingdom 1. There is no mandatory retirement age in the UK as the […]

What are your CPF rights and could you be exploited?

  The following article has been submitted by Andy Tay CPF, a form of “enforced savings” with the purpose of enabling Singaporeans to have a secure retirement, through lifelong income, healthcare financing and home financing.   Yes, I know, we do like our freedom to spend our money as we wish and having a lower […]

How to be free of financial worries

  I don’t mean “how to be financially free” – that topic is better reserved for life coaches, finance gurus and motivational speakers. I’d like to talk about how to have more confidence in your financial status. Modern living causes money to become as necessary and as basic a life support as food, water and […]

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Your Letters: Kirsten Han – Foreigner in a foreign country where innocents get no second chance

The letter below was submitted by an anonymous individual. Dear Editor, I refer to the Journalism & film student Kirsten Han’s recent take on Joseph Stiglitz (the Nobel Laureate for Economics). Responding to Stiglitz’s New York Times op-ed, Kirsten slammed the Singapore system in an article published on She quoted speculation by academic Christopher Balding, alleging that Singapore’s […]

CPF and retirement – are you ready?

  The article below is contributed by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous:  Summary:  Are Singaporeans properly prepared for retirement? Is CPF alone enough for retirement? How would low-wage earners cope? It is an undeniable fact that Singaporeans save more than our peers in other countries. With more than 30% CPF contribution from both employer […]