Labour MPs Couldn’t Stop Talking About This At Debate On President’s Address

Whilst the rest of Singapore were preoccupied whether or not the President mooted the idea to stop using CPF for housing (she didn’t, this guy did), we challenged ourselves to summarise what all the Labour MPs said in Parliament, in the debate on the President’s Address. Here are our summaries, not just in one sentence, […]

How Parliament Became a Pokemon Go Gym Yesterday – Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill

It was a battle of wills and wit. According to NMP Kuik Shiao-Yin, the debate on the Bill spelling out contempt of court, or the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill, started at 230pm. It finally ended at 930pm. [fbembed][/fbembed] Here’s a lowdown on some of the verbal battles that happened in the Pokemon Go gym at […]

Feeding the trolls

One of the Facebook posts we posted last month received some really interesting comments, showing that we’re not the only ones worried about the current trend of irresponsible trolls speaking (in this case typing) louder than constructive netizens. Of course this is hardly a new trend; even before the internet, those that yelled the loudest […]

Oh rats!

Singapore has long been regarded as a clean and green city, but recently the name certainly hasn’t quite lived up to its reputation. Just ask the residents in Tiong Bahru who have had to deal with some nasty, unwanted visitors over the last six months – and they are not just your run of the […]

The cost of prosperity

Our regular readers will have noticed that we strive to write and comment on what’s happening in Singapore with a fair and balanced point of view. But last week some members of the editorial team – including me – got so enraged at something we read online that we almost broke character. What could get […]

Bursting the bubble?

A recent article on housing supply painted a highly optimistic picture for all hopeful Singaporean home-owners. According to the author, property prices are set to dip in the coming years thanks to a rise in the number of available properties, a projection further corroborated by this chart from the Singapore Property Cycle: According to a […]

Making the most out of your HDB property

Since the introduction of the Silver Housing Bonus and Enhanced Lease Buyback Scheme on 1st February this year, elderly HDB homeowners have been given opportunities to make more out of their flats. This is a good move to help senior citizens who may be unable to work due to medical conditions or because they are […]

MDA ruling: discussing the discussions

As you’re probably aware by now, the MDA’s recent ruling to implement a license for websites has sparked many discussions. From the conspiracy theorists who see the ruling as a sign of future mind control to the government loyalists who don’t see where the issue is with online media being more tightly regulated, debates have […]

Seeing is believing

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and felt slightly jealous at the wonderful life all your friends are living? “Oh look, so and so just got back from their amazing trip to Tibet!” “Wow, so and so are expecting their second baby, how exciting!” If so, you’re not alone! In fact, researchers have […]

The help – Singapore style

Hands up, who remembers this picture? It’s pretty old, but it exploded into a plethora of memes, debates and jokes when it first appeared. “OMG, how safe can we feel if the people in charge of defending us can’t even bother to carry their own bags??” As exaggerated as some reactions may have been, I […]