paper chase

Open letter – Time to call off the paper chase?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this magazine. This letter was sent anonymously.  Dear Minister Khaw Boon Wan, I recently chanced upon this meme which then led me to an ST article in which you said university […]

I, Doctor

I, Doctor

Various news stories went unnoticed last week due to the overwhelming coverage of the horrifying Boston bombings. One such story was the on-going legal battle over US patients dying after undergoing robot-assisted surgery. The procedure, which is usually done without major complications, seems to raise some interesting questions: who is responsible for a machine’s erroneous […]

The robolution will be televised

Last week Singapore was alive with one of its most hotly debated topics in recent times. Water cooler conversations were tinged with controversy, emotions overflowed in kopitiams, and family loyalties were called into question. No, there wasn’t a new white paper that you didn’t hear about… the English Premier League voted for goal-line technology next […]

Volunteering in Singapore: What’s your motive?

I recently started volunteering at AIDHA, an organisation that gives computer classes to domestic workers as part of its initiative to equip them with business skills so that they can start an online business in their hometown to earn extra income. It was a conscious choice I made, especially in deciding which organisation to volunteer […]

Diary of a freelancer

Dear diary… Slept in again today. Had no meetings and since I’m making up for last week’s lost sleep, decided not to set an alarm. It was almost noon when I finally got out of bed and the sun was very fierce. So I went for a swim—shiok. Couldn’t swim more than 3 laps though. […]

The help – Singapore style

Hands up, who remembers this picture? It’s pretty old, but it exploded into a plethora of memes, debates and jokes when it first appeared. “OMG, how safe can we feel if the people in charge of defending us can’t even bother to carry their own bags??” As exaggerated as some reactions may have been, I […]

Whine and dine

For most Singaporeans, tipping is a culture that’s baffling. Restaurants here already impose a non-discretionary service charge of 10%, so there is no incentive for customers to go above and beyond the requirement. Not just me, but there is a common perception that most service staff here has no initiative, no product knowledge, and are […]


I’ve travelled a fair bit and there was one incident in South Korea that I’ll never forget. I was at McDonalds and like any Singaporean, I stood up and prepared to leave after wolfing down my food. Next thing I knew, all eyes turned to stare at me. I did a double take: “Why, what […]

Social enterprises – the future of entrepreneurship

Social enterprises are increasingly being mentioned in articles discussing innovative business models. But what exactly are they? How do they work? And what is their purpose/usefulness for Singapore? There doesn’t seem to be one unique definition out there, but basically they’re a somewhat modern type of business: they straddle the fence between the conventional private […]

Socialising businesses in Singapore

Unless you were living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you will have heard of the heart-warming story of coffee shops and customers joining forces to bring free coffees to the needy. The practice, commonly known as Pay It Forward, is very simple: people buying a cup of coffee can choose to pay […]