Random Uncle, Giggling Auntie

  I have apparently been inducted into a mysterious, shadowy organization. Many of its members have accessed something equally enigmatic: their CPF funds. The name of the organisation? Sorry, the first rule of the Brotherhood of Ah Peks and the Sisterhood of Aunties is that you don’t talk about – *cough cough*. Girl, ask you […]

Making Singapore more accessible to the elderly

I recently brought a colleague visiting Singapore for the first time to Tiong Bahru, one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. The “must-see” neighbourhood is one of my first stops when showing overseas friends around. The estate does embody Singapore’s essence of mixing the old with the new: up and coming hipsters cafes and […]

Making the most out of your HDB property

Since the introduction of the Silver Housing Bonus and Enhanced Lease Buyback Scheme on 1st February this year, elderly HDB homeowners have been given opportunities to make more out of their flats. This is a good move to help senior citizens who may be unable to work due to medical conditions or because they are […]

Singaporeans give their two cents on WorkPro

The recent S$170m WorkPro scheme represents a generous sum of money dedicated to encouraging non-active people (those not holding a job and not actively looking for one) to re-enter the workforce. A retention bonus will also be given if the employee stays with the company for at least a year. For those that have never […]

Budget 2013: Reinventing healthcare in Singapore?

A recent article covering financial accessibility and sustainability of the Singapore healthcare system sparked some interesting and insightful comments from readers who felt the pre-budget 2013 period was the perfect moment to revisit a system that needs to adapt to an ageing population.   Politically-charged discussions aside, policy-makers, medical practitioners, and the general public all […]