What Should I Do Before Voting In Singapore Elections?

It’s your responsibility to vote wisely. What should residents do before voting? How should they decide which candidate to endorse, or not to endorse any at all? I remember being completely apathetic to politics during the General Elections 2011. Anything vaguely political in the news was irritating to me and I quickly skipped any and […]

20 mins with NMP Faizah Jamal: Harnessing the Power of Mother Nature for a Happier Singapore

  Madam Faizah Jamal (centre), with her daughters, Azura (left) and Almira, rallying to save Bukit Brown from getting demolished to make way for new roads. (Source: Madam Faizah’s Facebook page / Photo credit: Balakrishnan Matchap) “Tak kenal maka tak cinta” is a Malay proverb that translates into “You cannot love what you do not […]

Your Letters

Just who are you opposing?

The following is a letter from “Concerned Singaporean” In recent years, Singapore has seen a rise of online vitriol – some objective and constructive, some simply reckless and personal. Between these extremes lie a whole gamut of comments, memes and what not. Many of these posts seem to belong to the opposition, ie they are […]

Does political debate make policy-making inefficient?

The recent policy roll-outs – particularly the population white paper and budget 2013 – have led to such heated debate that some have raised doubts on the effectiveness of a cacophonous political debate. Political differences are to be expected, and they can even be part of a healthy and mature political environment. But that’s only […]

Budget 2013

Budget 2013: Take a step back and look around

All this talk about the Budget 2013 has made it very hard to actually take a step back and evaluate Singapore’s budget priorities. As we all know, there’s a big difference between what government officials declare and what they actually do. Often-times it’s not because they don’t want to do what they promised, but because […]

Take a chill poll, Singapore!

Summary: Is the Punggol East ST poll just a storm in a teacup? Are all polls created equal? How accurate can polls be?   Fifty. Only fifty people polled (with almost half of the respondents being “undecided”) and the police comes into the picture.   Granted, there may be concerns that publishing such polls will […]