Why Can’t We Strike in Singapore?

When we see videos of other people marching down streets chanting slogans, with simple banners, placards, costumes and fists raised, it all looks very heroic, doesn’t it? Barring the SMRT strike in 2015, the closest thing we have to a strike here in Singapore is mass resignation or mass MC. Some chaff that striking will […]

10 good ideas that aren’t so good after all

Saw this picture? It looks like it will make his work easier. It looks like he had a smart idea. But no way is this safe. When we go about finding a clever way of turning a complicated task into an easier or faster one doesn’t mean all common sense should be pushed aside. And […]

We are all superheroes

Superheroes certainly don’t exist, but let’s not forget there are many everyday heroes who live among us. Take Rozaimi Zainal for example – his courageous attempt to break an Indonesian maid’s fall two weeks ago has ignited an overwhelming number of encouraging feedback from netizens! (Source: http://www.tnp.sg/content/man-breaks-leg-trying-catch-maid-who-fell-14-storeys) (Source: http://forum.channelnewsasia.com/showthread.php?1273550-NEWS-Maid-plunges-14-storeys-from-Tanah-Merah-condo-block) Although Mr Rozaimi was unable to […]

Progressing with the times

Process redesign, business reengineering, social collaboration, and automation feature among the exciting tools available to reduce manual steps and wasted operating time and energy. With the crunch in foreign manpower, it is important that businesses (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) strategically harness these methods to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. It is therefore […]


Bankruptcy: the end of the line?

Since last year’s Parliamentary Sitting, the DPM and MOF have been asked to review the Act which allows employees to claim a cap of 5 months’ salary or $7,500, whichever is lower, in the event that a company goes bust. While the purpose of the cap is to strike a balance between the rights of […]

To MC or not to MC?

The haze crisis has certainly dug up several issues and discussions, among which the blaming game and the government’s hesitance to issue a stop-work order. The last topic to get netizens riled up seems to be how MCs take a toll on companies. During the haze period, clinics reported giving out 5 to 10% more […]

Clear skies, clear minds

With the air clearing up and the PSI returning to decent levels, it’s time to also clear our heads and think about what can be done going forward to resolve the on-going haze problem and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid another haze-intensive episode. Of course, solving such a big problem isn’t a simple […]

Hazy weather, healthy working conditions

Amidst the outcries and the anger of the haze, I was really pleasantly surprised to see many workplaces looking out for workers’ well-being. Many companies in the CBD area allowed employees to go back home early and even passed out masks for people to be safe on their way back home! Others advised them to […]

Celebrating the golden years!

One of the rare times when I came into the office early on a Monday morning, I finally had a chance to meet the cleaning auntie who does such a fantastic job of keeping the office, well, looking anything like a functioning work place. She mentioned in passing that she used to be contracted to […]

Working behind the scenes

A recent post making the rounds on Facebook garnered quite a number of reactions in just a few hours. The post tells the story of a woman unfairly dismissed from her job because she got pregnant. In the end, she was compensated for her employer’s unacceptable (and illegal) treatment thanks to the intervention of the […]