Three Issues PMEs Face Which Aren’t Covered By The Employment Act

The Employment Act is undergoing its first review in 6 years to expand its scope of coverage and streamline how employment disputes are settled. Currently, the Employment Act covers the following provisions for certain groups of employees: To understand how the review impacts us, let’s look at three issues which aren’t currently covered by the […]

Unfair Dismissals and The Employment Act

In Singapore, companies have the prerogative to fire at will, but what if you think you were unfairly dismissed?   Are there avenues of redress you can refer to in the event you feel victimised and shouldn’t have lost your job?   Did you know that unfair dismissals, compensation and reinstatement are actually covered in […]

Progressive Wage Model

Four more things the EA still needs to address

Daniel Yap works in the media industry and enjoys blogging on social and political issues. He is married with four children. He blogs also at:   April has come around and a long-awaited update to the Employment Act (EA) is in force. Salary caps for protection under the EA have been raised to $2,500 a month […]


Bankruptcy: the end of the line?

Since last year’s Parliamentary Sitting, the DPM and MOF have been asked to review the Act which allows employees to claim a cap of 5 months’ salary or $7,500, whichever is lower, in the event that a company goes bust. While the purpose of the cap is to strike a balance between the rights of […]

Intern-al affairs

Seen the video of the intern getting attacked? Shocking isn’t it? In modern Singapore even! As an intern, it’s even more shocking to hear that not only the victim did not retaliate, but he also had to endure such treatments for a measly salary! I am curious how did he not realise that something was […]

In Session: A Review of the Employment Act

The Ministry of Manpower has initiated a review of the Employment Act and NTUC has fired the first salvo. Amongst their more interesting proposals include a wish-list of amendments to  “Part 4”. But what does the regular man in the street understand about “Part 4” (otherwise known as Rest Days, Hours of Work and Other […]