Entrepreneurism: do you fit the bill?

Entrepreneurism: do you fit the bill?

The Entrepreneurship Review Committee (EnRC) recently held a discussion on how hard it is to motivate Singaporeans into becoming entrepreneurs or working for start-up companies. The 30 entrepreneurs who took part in the session raised some very interesting concerns on nurturing an enterprising spirit. As Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Teo Ser Luck, […]

Singapore, still a shopping heaven!

It’s hard to miss the fact that it’s the sales season in Singapore, especially when my friends from Myanmar and Thailand are bombarding my Facebook feed with their plans to visit the country for their annual shopping trip. Not surprisingly, Mr Steven Goh, Executive Director of the Orchard Road Business Association is expecting to see […]

Social enterprises – the future of entrepreneurship

Social enterprises are increasingly being mentioned in articles discussing innovative business models. But what exactly are they? How do they work? And what is their purpose/usefulness for Singapore? There doesn’t seem to be one unique definition out there, but basically they’re a somewhat modern type of business: they straddle the fence between the conventional private […]

From rags to riches: Singapore’s success stories

Singapore is home to many millionaires, but it has also been the backdrop of many inspiring rags-to-riches stories! Sure, we’ve all heard of the fabulous accomplishments of some of the most famous self-made men; the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Li Ka-shing. But how much do we really know about our own home-grown […]

Rooting for Singapore’s microenterprises

What do brands like Ya Kun and Charles and Keith have in common? Nothing, you may say. But trace the origins of how these companies first started and you’ll realise that both began as a two-man operation! That’s right, both started out as microenterprises (MEs) and went on to become household brands known both in […]

Thanking the unsung heroes of Singapore

Pictures of Singapore’s unsung heroes have been showing on Facebook. It’s basically a project to compile the faces of all the people who help make Singapore awesome. That’s why it has quickly received many positive comments from people who think it’s about time those that give Singapore its true soul are recognised! It’s true: next […]

Innovation can reduce inequalities in Singapore

Singapore society is going through many changes, like growing income gap and the deepening inequalities which many Singaporeans see as getting worse and worse. What’s more sian is when international headlines show the rich in Singapore spending  money while local papers show how the poor and middle people cannot make it. Exhibit A: Singapore, playground for […]