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Singapore does not need to emulate Nordic-type welfare

  Introduction Singapore has gone very fast and far since our independence. We used to be a struggling new nation finding our identity and destiny in the midst of political and economic turmoil, within a short span of just one generation, Singapore has leapfrogged from a third world country to the top league. It is […]

Singapore – first world country?

Last week, I read one of the most thought-provoking articles I’ve read in a long time.   It didn’t seem like much of an article, but it talked about things I’ve been thinking for a while but was never able to articulate in simple and non-controversial terms.   Ngiam Tong Dow, former high-ranking civil servant, […]

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Letter about woman at Bedok North

The following letter was written to us by a person who prefers to remain anonymous. He is a social worker in the East Coast region. I refer to your story on the woman at Blk 419 Bedok North St.1, level 6. I am a volunteer with social work in the East Coast region, and I […]