Do we need more foreigners in Singapore?

  Crowded trains and the cadence of foreign accents – the increase in Singapore’s population size is hard to ignore. Especially when you recall the halycon days – when trains were empty, and Singlish was popular. Earlier in May this year, the Police Workplan Seminar held a dialogue with about 200 junior college and polytechnic […]

No Minister: Expats shouldn’t have a separate economy from us

  Lorraine Boon had published in the Straits Times Forums last week (Mar 08 2014, Why Cost of Living Survey Matters) her opinions on why luxury goods should be considered in a Singaporean’s cost of living. Five Stars and a Moon caught up with Lorraine and asked her what she thought about the cost of […]

Common expat complaints – and some textbook responses

  Expats complaint a lot hor? We know it’s tempting to scold back “If you don’t like it why don’t you go back to where to came from!?” But, may we suggest some more measured comebacks? Here’s a cheatsheet…   Common Complaint #1: It’s hot What you want to say: “F***off then. Go live in Alaska” […]

To live in Dubai or Singapore

  Standing in the middle of the metro, the public train transportation in Dubai, after a typical day at work, I felt like I was in “United Nations Central.” I had squeezed into an all-female carriage, designated by law in Dubai where one carriage in every train were for women only while the rest of […]

Help the unskilled, or help the businesses?

  So I was having Popeyes (y’know…Louisiana Fried Chicken) last night with Edmund.   We sat, he ordered and we ate.   In between mouthfuls of fatty goodness, a staff marched up to the table adjacent to us and hastily cleared a mess of chicken bones and oily paper plates. His name tag spelt “Junaz […]

Let’s ask…why are foreign workers/talents necessary for Singapore?

You say foreigners took your job? Fair enough, let us imagine a scenario where Parliament suddenly decides to accede to pressure to reduce the foreigner count, by say 50%. Here’s what will happen: a.) Companies will then have to hire locally and pay more for whatever jobs there are, this will thus increase operating costs. […]