Three Ways To Reduce Foreign Talent in Singapore

But will their departure lead to more good jobs for Singaporeans? As of June 2015, there are 180,800 Employment Passes in Singapore, MOM says. The number is climbing every year. What if we were to stop and even reverse the trend of hiring foreign talent? How do we even go about doing it? One way is […]

3 Common Anti-Immigration Untruths Debunked

Immigration is set to be a hot topic in the upcoming General Elections. Yet, some comments on social media made by Singaporeans against immigration are ill informed. There are certainly many valid potential arguments that could be raised against further increasing the current level of immigration, but most of the ones going around out there […]

The Farewell of Mr Evergreen, Aleksander Duric

Aleksander Duric, Singapore’s favourite adopted footballing son, bids a fond farewell to a lengthy career with a heartfelt letter. At the young age of 44, Aleksander Duric will finally be having his last kick of the ball at a professional level. Having landed in Singapore back in 1999, Duric’s first club was Tanjong Pagar FC. […]

Do we need more foreigners in Singapore?

  Crowded trains and the cadence of foreign accents – the increase in Singapore’s population size is hard to ignore. Especially when you recall the halycon days – when trains were empty, and Singlish was popular. Earlier in May this year, the Police Workplan Seminar held a dialogue with about 200 junior college and polytechnic […]


That was all my tired mind could think of as I watched that astonishing clip of wrestling on the road. None of that ‘ang moh’ or xenophobic rubbish, really. There isn’t too much in the clip to conclude who it was who caused the accident, but if it’s only the clip we’re going to go […]

Temasek Review

Why is Singapore Overcrowded?

John owns a shoe factory. He has about 10 employees and some machinery. Business has been bad. He hasn’t got any new order for months. He may have to close shop soon and let all his employees go. His employees sense the situation and are very worried. Then suddenly, he receives a $1 million order to produce 12,000 pairs of shoes […]

No Minister: Expats shouldn’t have a separate economy from us

  Lorraine Boon had published in the Straits Times Forums last week (Mar 08 2014, Why Cost of Living Survey Matters) her opinions on why luxury goods should be considered in a Singaporean’s cost of living. Five Stars and a Moon caught up with Lorraine and asked her what she thought about the cost of […]

Dawn Ho: Please don’t make the Aaron Jeremiejczyk case about race

Sabina-Leah Fernandez ( is a Singaporean editor-turned-yoga teacher now living in Sri Lanka. Read more of her writing on her blog   Our writer speaks with Dawn Ho, and she has a message for all of us: She hopes this does not turn into an issue about race.     Last night the news broke that […]

Common expat complaints – and some textbook responses

  Expats complaint a lot hor? We know it’s tempting to scold back “If you don’t like it why don’t you go back to where to came from!?” But, may we suggest some more measured comebacks? Here’s a cheatsheet…   Common Complaint #1: It’s hot What you want to say: “F***off then. Go live in Alaska” […]

Life cycle of a western male expat in singapore

Class, the tables you see below illustrates the typical experience of a western, male expat in Singapore. How accurate do you think this is? (And no, it is not drawn to scale – so don’t go OCD on the graph please)   [1 month, happiness factor 40] FOB and excited about life. New city, new […]