Migrant Worker

Do foreign workers deserve better dormitories?

WHAT HAPPENED? Ministry of Manpower has announced four new conditions that factory-converted dormitories (FCDs) have to meet when seeking approval to use their industrial premises to house foreign workers. The provision of a feedback channel for workers to report issues related to the housing conditions of the FCD; The provision of a personal locker for […]

Being Friends With A Foreign Worker

We see them all the time, foreign construction workers, but majority of us have no interaction at all with any of them. Indians, Bangladeshis, Thais, PRCs, whatever their nationalities. We see them almost daily, they’ve helped to literally build the nation, but seldom do they have someone local to call friend. But there are people […]

Everybody’s a little racist…no?

“Everybody’s a little racist, sometimes. Maybe it’s a fact, we all should face. Everyone makes judgments based on race” – Avenue Q: Over the past years we have seen many incidences of similar nature in Singapore, targeting either those of minority race or nationality. This really begs the question: are Singaporeans xenophobic? Forum discussions are rife – from Yahoo! to […]