That was all my tired mind could think of as I watched that astonishing clip of wrestling on the road. None of that ‘ang moh’ or xenophobic rubbish, really. There isn’t too much in the clip to conclude who it was who caused the accident, but if it’s only the clip we’re going to go […]

Temasek Review

Why is Singapore Overcrowded?

John owns a shoe factory. He has about 10 employees and some machinery. Business has been bad. He hasn’t got any new order for months. He may have to close shop soon and let all his employees go. His employees sense the situation and are very worried. Then suddenly, he receives a $1 million order to produce 12,000 pairs of shoes […]

Life cycle of a western male expat in singapore

Class, the tables you see below illustrates the typical experience of a western, male expat in Singapore. How accurate do you think this is? (And no, it is not drawn to scale – so don’t go OCD on the graph please)   [1 month, happiness factor 40] FOB and excited about life. New city, new […]

Re-thinking Singaporeans First

Should we always hire Singaporeans First? If ever I were to pose this question to an audience of Singaporeans, the answer would probably be unanimous. Of course Singaporeans first la! What kind of stupid question is that?! A valid one, actually. Singaporeans ‘first’ could come with two meanings. One, Singaporean applicants should be considered first […]

FTs – are they really the issue?

Summary: Are Singaporeans’ comments about FTs fair? Employers – are they the real problem? Upgrading one’s skill sets is the way up the career ladder These days, given the wave of anti-FT sentiment (and I stop short of using the term ‘anti-foreigner’) that has become increasingly widespread among Singaporeans, it almost always just takes one […]

Get me a job!

Summary: Is Singapore’s current job market able to support the growing number of potential young PMEs? What are some of the pressing issues and concerns expressed by young PMEs? How and where can young PMEs seek support to address their career concerns? So I attended a wedding last weekend. Amidst getting the groom drunk and […]