ON THE HEADLINES: PAP SPENT MORE THAN POLITICAL RIVALS DURING GE CAMPAIGN THE RULING PARTY SPENT NEARLY DOUBLE OF WHAT THE OPPOSITION PARTIES SPENT – while staying well within the spending caps imposed for polls here.   Like did you know we are worth no more than $4 each?!?!  Am I the only one who […]

A Meme-orable GE

It’s cooling day, drawing a close to all the politicking for this GE. It’s been an interesting General Election with some surprises and some hilarious moments. Overall the GE has sent Singaporeans into a political frenzy, everybody was talking about it, from the aunty and uncle at the coffee shop to hipsters at those cafes […]

GE2015: 8 Best of Best Facebook Posts

By now you must have read mannnnnnnnnnnnnny Facebook posts and followed the endless stream of rally news about #GE2015. But but but, there are some gems out of the avalanche of posts that you really shouldn’t miss. Here, our pick of the best of best Facebook posts this election season.   1) ‘I still can’t […]

Good speeches, bad speeches, and Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches

His speeches are in a league of their own. This GE, we’ve heard some pretty good speeches… And some really weird speeches… But one thing we know for sure, the ultimate speech master is still Mr Lee Kuan Yew. On welfare and profit On China and Deng Xiaoping On the SIA strikers and the famous […]

That DPM Tharman, so hot right now. And is Tambyah doubting Chee?

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Paul Tambyah praised DPM Tharman during his party’s lunchtime rally in Raffles Place, calling him “probably the most brilliant of our current ministers” (Cue, audible gasp). “Many of us think he will make a fine Prime Minister… In fact, to tell you a secret, there are many of us in […]

I’m a Virgin Voter

I’m voting for the first time and so far all I’m hearing is either how bad PAP is or how bad the Opposition is. It seems every GE people get into a political frenzy with much fervor and piety, with so many wearing the colours of the party they support on their sleeves. Everything I […]

DPM Tharman explains who pays for those fancy “free” healthcare and education systems, minds blown

Average workers. Average workers pay for them. If you didn’t catch DPM Tharman’s ripper of a speech on Saturday, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled out 10 quotes that best explains where all the money for “free” healthcare and education systems come from.   1. “There is no way of giving something to everyone… there’s no […]

GE2015: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (4/12)

Part Four: 5th Sep 2015, Sat SOMETHING OLD The Minimum Wage Argument’s Getting Kindda Old… The minimum wage argument is an old one. I’m not about to start one here again, after all, an economist I am not. There’s renewed interest in this topic mainly because some of the opposition parties running in #GE2015 are […]

An Ex-Educator’s Views on SDP’s Alternatives on Education

If you’re a parent, or perhaps an educator, you might have already chanced upon this post that’s circulating rather widely on Facebook. Published less than 24 hours ago, it has already seen over 1,000 shares. It’s a post that discusses Dr Chee Soon Juan‘s (of Singapore Democratic Party, SDP) policy suggestions on education in Singapore. […]

PAP’s Sun Xueling is 100% Singaporean

People, meet one of the new faces from the People’s Action Party, Sun Xueling.   When Sun Xueling was first introduced to the public, there was much speculation about whether she’s Singapore-born. Her hanyu-pinyin name seems to mislead people into thinking she’s a new citizen from the PRC. There were all sorts of not-so-nice talk […]