Undergrads from NTU, Scott, Ann, Kim and Joyee (pictured), are the drivers behind Paint the Town Red, an online movement dedicated to increase awareness, and debunk myths about HIV among youths (like, in a totally cool way – i.e. not in the gahmen way. er, HPB, consider yourselves tagged.) Determined to inject relevance and a fresh perspective to […]

We need a series of policies to make Singaporeans First

  What Keeps Singaporeans Up at Night? Recently, I have seen a number of threads of discussions about the very real possibility of a tightening labour market in Singapore. In a number of these threads, many people, rightfully, are concerned whether there will continue to be good jobs available. The concern is particularly strong amongst […]

Imagine Singapore without the PAP and its policies

During the recent President’s Address at the opening of Parliament, two points that were made was 1. about having “appropriate checks and balances so that alternative views can be heard” and 2. that the government will study the current political system and see if tweaks are necessary so the system can improve. At a recent think-tank […]

Chan Chun Sing’s 1074 word essay has one message: the downturn is looming

When the Labour Chief spends his time to pen down all these words to warn you of a downturn, perhaps it might be good to pay some notice. You can read the article in full here. In case you haven’t noticed, there is economic slowdown in Singapore. Retrenchments have been announced and the country is […]


[fbembed][/fbembed] Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans, the PAP and the non-PAP all woke up to this on their newsfeed this morning. It starts at the bottom of the pit of your stomach. It stirs. And a sudden pressure pushes it up, up, up… like a thermometer on the rise… All at once, your body tenses, your throat closes, your finger […]

Slogan Around

So the WP, the PAP, and “the rest” have launched their campaign manifestos! “Empower Your Future” | “With You, For You, For Singapore” | “Vote for Change” Here’s a checklist: 1. Does it reflect voter concerns? 2. Does it acknowledge the current political environment? 3. Is it memorable and concise? 4. Does it suggest Action? […]

Top 3 misconceptions about the Pioneer Generation Package

The Pioneer Generation Package released during the pioneer generation reception at the Istana gave Singaporeans a nice 4D number to bet on (hint: 6586), but more than that, it gave many seniors something to look forward to. More details were released during budget 2014 and although the full details are not out yet, many have […]

An ode to Nelson Mandela

While most of Singapore was busy battling the haze in June 2013, Nelson Mandela was struggling for his life. Mandela, 94, hasn’t made a public appearance since South Africa hosted the World Cup in 2010. President Barack Obama was hoping to see him during his recent visit to South Africa, but the plans were dropped as […]

Singapore’s unique architecture

Do you ever stop to look up at some of the architectural wonders we have in Singapore? If you do, you’ll notice it’s clearer and clearer that Singapore is fast becoming a global capital of incredibly edgy architecture. From the historical allure of our traditional shophouses to the luxurious modernity of the latest projects, we […]

Housing woes are us

I’m 25 and still live with my parents. That’s considered to be a big boo-boo by Western standards, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of in Singapore. In fact, it’s the norm. When I meet people during my overseas travels, they often ask me if I wouldn’t rather have a place to call my own, […]