Grab/Uber drivers pay $9 a month to be a NPHVA member: What’s really in it for them?

With the recent shake-up in the private-hire industry, drivers no longer have a choice to shuffle between Uber or Grab. That means, they are also somewhat beholden to a platform unless another fella that’s big enough comes along. I found myself speaking to Mohd Randy, Executive Secretary of NPHVA, to find out how the association […]

Surge pricing for taxis: Wait in the rain or pay more for a cab?

Commuters used to have the luxury of choice – either to enjoy cheaper fares from Uber/Grab or opt to hail a cab to avoid the dreaded surge pricing. Well, that’s about to change. Four major taxi operators – ComfortDelGro, Trans-Cab, Premier Taxis and Prime Taxi decided to also implement dynamic pricing (aka surge pricing). Dynamic pricing rise and fall alongside demand. […]

Who is driving up transport prices in Singapore?

Even though Singapore is a small country, it is ironic that our cost of transport has increased up to the price of a small apartment. COEs are getting more expensive COEs are almost $50,000 now, and may possibly increase further due to private-hire car firms competing with the average individual COE bidder to secure large […]


is upon us, Singapore. We’re already seeing Panda vs Kangaroo… and in the horizon… we predict more animals will enter the arena.   Deliveroo is a London start-up that has raised $25 million (£16.55m) to bring its upmarket takeaway service to the public through an app, by former hedge fund worker Will Shu. The foodpanda group is […]