How Useless Is Your Degree?

When I graduated a decade ago with a degree in Life Sciences and the government promise of a good job in a future industry, I never expected to take a month to land a job. My first full-time job at a private education company paid a basic salary of $1,800 a month. So much for […]

So you’ve been fired. Now what?

  Kena fired izzit?  That’s gotta hurt. But while you wallow in self pity, why not also read this handy list to help you make the next step:  1.    Ask for a reference Many employers will give a written reference after termination. Even if it’s just the dates you were employed and your job scope, […]

Young, educated, and unemployed

I was in Sentosa over the last weekend and bumped into crowds of university freshies going about their orientation activities, and it suddenly hit me that it has been five years since I left school. How time flies! It honestly doesn’t feel that long ago when I was still whiling away in Europe on my […]

school to office

Transition from school to office

(The story below has been submitted by Justina Lee, student) Like many students, I started contributing to my CPF at the age of 16, after completing my O level exams. This was my first leap into working life. The experience shredded away financial innocence. No longer was I a mere student, trying to cram information […]