Imagine Singapore without the PAP and its policies

During the recent President’s Address at the opening of Parliament, two points that were made was 1. about having “appropriate checks and balances so that alternative views can be heard” and 2. that the government will study the current political system and see if tweaks are necessary so the system can improve. At a recent think-tank […]

A White Barricade Amongst A Sea Of Pink

The Pink Dot movement took place over the weekend – for those unfamiliar with Pink Dot, it’s a movement that supports the sexual preferences and choices of Singaporeans and the eligibility of the LGBT community.   According to their ambassadors and website, Pink Dot is here to educate and not to enforce their sexual preferences […]

Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng Summoned to Court

Bloggers who interrupted a charity event at Hong Lim Park to be charged accordingly. The duo made famous by their protest against the government at a charity carnival held in Hong Lim Park are both being charged with being a public nuisance and staging a protest without approval. If convicted the duo would both be […]

Tough action against Malaysian protestors: Too harsh or well-deserved?

The whip has been unleashed, and it’s not a pretty outcome. It was recently reported that out of the 21 Malaysians who were arrested for participating in the May 8 and 11 protests at Merlion Park against the Malaysian election results, three of them will be sent packing back up north. One of them was […]