Lego Houses

Singapore to make the move into 3D printing for new homes. If you’ve ever been past any BTO construction sites and paid attention to the assembly and construction, you’d probably notice units being put together on the ground before being assembled. Much like you would with lego. Authorities in Singapore have taken that a step further and have […]

FAQ: Changes to HDB’s Cash Over Valuation Policy

  Benjamin Chiang is an enthusiast of good advertising, deep thinking, labour issues and chocolate. He writes at The views expressed are his own.   Since the 10th of March 2014, the HDB will provide valuation only after a purchase decision has been made. The intention is to reduce focus on Cash-Over-Valuations (COVs) during […]

Who’s responsible for my ceiling?

  You have a problem with your estate. Town Council says it’s not their business, blames HDB. HDB says it is also not their problem and cites joint responsibility of the tenants. Mr. Seah has faced the problem of a leaking ceiling for over 7 years, allegedly caused by his upstairs neighbour’s renovation. The persistent […]

Problems with HDB: HJ Hamid Shop/ Shahirah Trading

The Five Stars editorial team picked up this note from the internet and decided to send a journalist down to have a look. Here is a field report.     Did you see this on Facebook? The post claimed that “..because of HDB lift building exercise, his shop was blocked and he mentioned that he was […]

HDB: Those who are left out

HDB policies are difficult to design. On one hand there is a need to match supply to demand, otherwise prices will spiral out of control. On the other hand, there is a need for the lives of Singaporeans to be met. If you grow-up, go to school, pass your exams well, get a good job, […]

Property Cooling: What’s hot and what’s not

Summary: What are the latest rounds of property cooling measures the government has introduced? How will they affect the various groups of people living in Singapore? Property prices have always been a hot topic in Singapore. After all, a simple understanding of the economics of demand and supply will explain why housing prices have skyrocketed […]