NDP songs: time to call it quits?

If you’re like me, your social media feeds from last week were inundated with wave after wave of people making fun of the latest NDP song, “One Singapore”. To be honest, I thought some of the comments were quite harsh, but also really funny. I mean, parts of the song really do sound like someone […]

Heritage and home – Why so sentimental?

Below is an interview with Mr. Tan (not his real name). We asked Mr. Tan how he felt about the demolishing of heritage buildings and open spaces giving way to malls and condos. I came from a country in which my 100 year old high school was demolished to make way for a shopping mall. […]


What is “heritage”?

I recently caught up with a friend who’s been living in South Korea for the past couple of years and who has practically cut all contact with what’s happening here. She had a lot of catching up to do, so naturally I told her about the many social transformations the country is going through, how […]

Home away from home: overseas Singaporeans

Let’s face it: at some point or another in our lives we’ve all dreamt of living abroad, away from the dreadful humidity, enjoying large, wide open spaces, ponds, woods, greenery and ancient towns. We all want to savour the history, the art, the freedom of being unknown, unseen and hidden from attention. Travel and living […]