How does Honestbee make money?

Startups are a big thing these days. Simply flip open the papers and there will probably be an article about some new startup or a new app or a new company with a new round of funding. But what are their success rates? “99.99% of startups die.” says Isaac Tay, co-founder and VP for Talent & Special Projects […]

We are all superheroes

Superheroes certainly don’t exist, but let’s not forget there are many everyday heroes who live among us. Take Rozaimi Zainal for example – his courageous attempt to break an Indonesian maid’s fall two weeks ago has ignited an overwhelming number of encouraging feedback from netizens! (Source: (Source: Although Mr Rozaimi was unable to […]

From rags to riches: Singapore’s success stories

Singapore is home to many millionaires, but it has also been the backdrop of many inspiring rags-to-riches stories! Sure, we’ve all heard of the fabulous accomplishments of some of the most famous self-made men; the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Li Ka-shing. But how much do we really know about our own home-grown […]

Rooting for Singapore’s microenterprises

What do brands like Ya Kun and Charles and Keith have in common? Nothing, you may say. But trace the origins of how these companies first started and you’ll realise that both began as a two-man operation! That’s right, both started out as microenterprises (MEs) and went on to become household brands known both in […]

Thanking the unsung heroes of Singapore

Pictures of Singapore’s unsung heroes have been showing on Facebook. It’s basically a project to compile the faces of all the people who help make Singapore awesome. That’s why it has quickly received many positive comments from people who think it’s about time those that give Singapore its true soul are recognised! It’s true: next […]

Innovation can reduce inequalities in Singapore

Singapore society is going through many changes, like growing income gap and the deepening inequalities which many Singaporeans see as getting worse and worse. What’s more sian is when international headlines show the rich in Singapore spending  money while local papers show how the poor and middle people cannot make it. Exhibit A: Singapore, playground for […]

Home is where the money is

Did you know that 17% of Singapore’s 5.3 million population are millionaires? In fact, Singapore now has the highest proportion of millionaires in the world and almost half of Singapore’s top 10 richest people listed on Forbes are involved in the banking/finance industry! Over the past 20 years, Singapore has become a hotspot for rich […]

Budget 2013: Reinventing healthcare in Singapore?

A recent article covering financial accessibility and sustainability of the Singapore healthcare system sparked some interesting and insightful comments from readers who felt the pre-budget 2013 period was the perfect moment to revisit a system that needs to adapt to an ageing population.   Politically-charged discussions aside, policy-makers, medical practitioners, and the general public all […]