Is CPF really that good a deal?

WHAT HAPPENED? This article was published on mainstream ST about how CPF is a very good deal and Singaporeans have no clue about how good it really is. Singaporeans prove ST right that they indeed have no clue. Or not? We love cpf! Do Singaporeans really love CPF? Do we really see the good in CPF? […]

Not so diverse?

A recent WSJ article brought my attention to the old gripe of foreigners being kept at all the top positions in MNCs in Asia. The article discusses the fact that most MNCs still rely on expatriates to fill their top jobs despite being in the region for many years and despite having an abundance of […]


Forever a loan?

MAS has expressed concerns that some borrowers may be overstretched, and have since introduced a new measure in which property buyer’s monthly payment do not exceed 60% of their income. The introduction of the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework might leave you asking yourself, what is an IVA? Will it take into consideration borrowers’ […]

Does political debate make policy-making inefficient?

The recent policy roll-outs – particularly the population white paper and budget 2013 – have led to such heated debate that some have raised doubts on the effectiveness of a cacophonous political debate. Political differences are to be expected, and they can even be part of a healthy and mature political environment. But that’s only […]