No Remorse From Scam Artist

Once again it’s Jover Chew, and this time he makes headlines for blaming his employees, the media, you and me. Jover Chew has blamed netizens for tarnishing his name, claiming that he won’t be able to set up shop anywhere anymore because of the attention he got for his actions. It isn’t known what sort […]

Jover Chew rears his head again.

Hello darkness my old friend, Jover Chew has emerged once again after weeks of laying low and once again raises his voice. It seems the one time Mobile Air owner has yet to eat humble pie, after rearing his head in public again he decided to have a shouting match in old stomping ground Sim […]

About Time Police Stepped In?

Mobile Air shop belonging to infamous Jover Chew was raided by plain clothes officers recently. After a month or so after recent events at Mobile Air in Sim Lim Square came to light, police have finally stepped in and taken any sort of evidence from the shop. The shop which was bought over by Mr […]

What mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her

You know that NS saying, “Want to do, don’t get caught”. Jover Chew’s Mother has been caught unawares to her “Filial” son’s career. A ‘filial’ son indeed. In a recent interview, Jover Chew’s mother in her 60s who runs a cooked food stall in Ang Mo Kio broke down in tears in defense of her […]

Mobile Air Haunted by Former Staff

A former employee from Mobile Air, infamous mobile phone retail shop in Sim Lim Square speaks out about the methods used by his former colleagues. We’ve all heard and we’ve all read about Mobile Air, Jover Chew his cronies and the disgrace he brings to our people. His treatment of tourists looking for a deal […]

Sim Lim Has Penetrated International Media

Sim Lim, if you’ve never been it’s best to keep it that way. Unless you’re out shopping for specific components that you’re extremely certain of or you have a trustworthy relationship with one of the shops, then it would be best for you to get your gadget needs elsewhere. Recent cases have cast yet more […]