Who is driving up transport prices in Singapore?

Even though Singapore is a small country, it is ironic that our cost of transport has increased up to the price of a small apartment. COEs are getting more expensive COEs are almost $50,000 now, and may possibly increase further due to private-hire car firms competing with the average individual COE bidder to secure large […]

Fatal accident leaves 2 SMRT members of staff dead

Why were the staff on the railway during operation? Two SMRT staff had their lives cut tragically short this morning.¬†Nasrulhudin Najumudin, 26 and Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari, 24 were both relatively young and were both receiving on-the-job training when the accident occoured. “(They) were part of a technical team that went down to the track […]

It’s here! Regulations for GrabCar and Uber.

GrabCar and Uber drivers may have to undertake a vocational license. There were some who weren’t too happy with¬†the arrival of game changers GrabCar and Uber. Most of them were people in a similar industry, namely the taxi services here in Singapore. Many cabbies felt that it was added competition and felt at a disadvantage. […]

Watching this video makes me want to go back in time

Watching this video brings back all forms of memories about public transport. I remember the fare cards and the tickets and stuffing them into the crevices behind the seats of busses. As well as the troublesome windows when it rains on a non air-conditioned bus. But I never fell in love on the bus. Perhaps […]