Unfair Dismissals and The Employment Act

In Singapore, companies have the prerogative to fire at will, but what if you think you were unfairly dismissed?   Are there avenues of redress you can refer to in the event you feel victimised and shouldn’t have lost your job?   Did you know that unfair dismissals, compensation and reinstatement are actually covered in […]

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint

Be a hawker, be a millionaire, but remember to pay your taxes.

WHAT HAPPENED? Couple behind famous Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint fined and jailed 4 weeks for tax evasion. (Yup, 4 weeks of Char siew hiatus for you) Ha Wai Kay, 64 is registered as the sole proprietor of Kay Lee and was found guilty of evading $54,917.15 of income taxes for 2010 and 2011. If you are wondering, […]

Should there be a legal age to be questioned by the Police?

A 14 year old boy fell to his death on the same day he was released on bail after being questioned by the police. The minor who’s information has been retained due to laws protecting minors in Singapore was found dead at the foot of his block the same day he was released by the […]

Temasek Review

Little India COI: Inquiry or Witch-hunt

The letter below was an anonymous submission:   The reports of the latest session of the COI into the riot in Little India made for a riveting read. By now, we have all read bits and pieces from the four hour session between DAC Lu Yeow Lim and the COI regarding what happened on the […]

2013’s most stylish personalities to walk out of court

    In our last post, we talked about the cool vandal that strode out of court in heart melting coolness. Here we present to you the other individuals we think deserving of this award.   SKL0 With a name like SKL0, would you expect anything but the highest in rebel fashion? Because go court, go […]

Temasek Review

Let’s not riot about a riot

  The incident at Little India yesterday evening was regrettable but not improbable. This is for two reasons. One is environmental and the other sociological. Both conditions were necessary for the incident to occur but the latter is more significant. First, let us consider the environment at the scene of the incident. The conditions for […]

Top 10 idiot comments following the riots

  Whilst the rest of the country is asking citizens not to speculate, there is a breed of online residents with very small minds, leaving very small minded comments. Seriously, don’t fan the hate and don’t get racist.   10. You so smart you go call Special Ops and tell them what to do lor… […]

Temasek Review

Why did the hacker not get a lawyer?

  This letter has been submitted by T.C   Human rights lawyer M Ravi has now put forth his application before a Supreme Court judge to adjudicate on whether he should have been, or be given immediate access to his client, hacker James Raj. About not given access to a lawyer   Looking at the […]


Are Malays in Singapore special?

In Article 152 of the Constitution of Singapore entitled ‘Minorities and special position of Malays’, it is stated that: (1)    It shall be the responsibility of the Government constantly to care for the interests of the racial and religious minorities in Singapore. (2)    The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognise […]

Working behind the scenes

A recent post making the rounds on Facebook garnered quite a number of reactions in just a few hours. The post tells the story of a woman unfairly dismissed from her job because she got pregnant. In the end, she was compensated for her employer’s unacceptable (and illegal) treatment thanks to the intervention of the […]