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Little India COI: Inquiry or Witch-hunt

The letter below was an anonymous submission:   The reports of the latest session of the COI into the riot in Little India made for a riveting read. By now, we have all read bits and pieces from the four hour session between DAC Lu Yeow Lim and the COI regarding what happened on the […]

2013’s most stylish personalities to walk out of court

    In our last post, we talked about the cool vandal that strode out of court in heart melting coolness. Here we present to you the other individuals we think deserving of this award.   SKL0 With a name like SKL0, would you expect anything but the highest in rebel fashion? Because go court, go […]

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Let’s not riot about a riot

  The incident at Little India yesterday evening was regrettable but not improbable. This is for two reasons. One is environmental and the other sociological. Both conditions were necessary for the incident to occur but the latter is more significant. First, let us consider the environment at the scene of the incident. The conditions for […]

Top 10 idiot comments following the riots

  Whilst the rest of the country is asking citizens not to speculate, there is a breed of online residents with very small minds, leaving very small minded comments. Seriously, don’t fan the hate and don’t get racist.   10. You so smart you go call Special Ops and tell them what to do lor… […]

Results on Poll: Would you support a total abolishment of the death sentence?

“I am going to send you to a better place than this. God bless you.” With these words, Darshan Singh, Chief Executioner since 1959, pushes the lever, dropping the condemned from a rope. (This was described in Alan Shardrake’s book, Once A Jolly Hangman) Before an execution, the convict will be led to be weighed. […]

The Woffles Wu saga – raw facts

The Woffles Wu Raw Facts For those unfamiliar with this symbol, she is called “Lady Justice”. You could probably make an intelligent guess why she is blindfolded. Yes, it means in judgement, she is blind to the fact of who you are, social status, wealth etc. It also means that she is blind to the […]

To die for

To die for

Recently, there’s much talk about the revision to Singapore’s laws on the mandatory death penalty. Discerning readers would have read the details of the revision, and I wouldn’t elaborate, but in a nutshell, people who are found to smuggle drugs into Singapore can now avoid mandatory death penalty under two very narrow definition: One, the […]

Letter by a reader

This is a letter I (Lionel) sent to the Editor, Straits Times Forums on the 17th of June 2012. But for reasons best known to the Editor, it was not published. Hence, I am reproducing the letter to share with your readers: Dear Editor, As the saying goes “A lie repeated often enough becomes the […]

Keep Some Of The Artist’s Works

I have thought hard about this matter and I have decided that I will not put my name on the petition on SKL0’s call for lighter sentence, for two reasons: a.)    Most of her stuff is cute – and that’s fine. But airbrushing “My Grandfather’s Road” in front of the MND, pasting stickers on private […]

Review Arts Censorship: The Petition

(From the editor: These are the views of Madmonk. However, personally, I am a little more sympathetic towards artists and perhaps the law can be debated a little to ease the pressure. But what is good here is that this little piece of satire highlights the problems involved in doing so. No one on this […]