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Or else the lightning god…

The letter below was submitted by Fernandez Lee, 39 In secondary school, we used this book by Catherine Lim for literature. I absolutely loved the book as it was a compilation of several local stories that gave much room for reflection and thought. Can’t remember most of that now, but the eponymous story was based […]

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Your Letters: Singapore – My Home

(The following is a letter submitted by Bryan Lee) Like many young Singaporeans, I have been thrust into this dilemma that plague my generation – I seem to be living in an affluent society, yet I am the recipient of the clear messaging that I have to despise and oppose the government and the system […]

Letter by a reader

This is a letter I (Lionel) sent to the Editor, Straits Times Forums on the 17th of June 2012. But for reasons best known to the Editor, it was not published. Hence, I am reproducing the letter to share with your readers: Dear Editor, As the saying goes “A lie repeated often enough becomes the […]