13 Identity Issues Singaporean Must Deal With

United we stand, divided we rant Singapore is by far the worst example of a homogeneous country. Our common identity is the exact opposite: a multi-cultural melting pot, united by our love for food, travel, showing off and complaining about the government (don’t bluff). As melting pots go, sometimes things can get very heated up […]

A White Barricade Amongst A Sea Of Pink

The Pink Dot movement took place over the weekend – for those unfamiliar with Pink Dot, it’s a movement that supports the sexual preferences and choices of Singaporeans and the eligibility of the LGBT community.   According to their ambassadors and website, Pink Dot is here to educate and not to enforce their sexual preferences […]

Is IKEA Taking The Too Straight Path?

Should IKEA be crucified for their support of Pastor Khong? IKEA has come under fire for their support of Pastor Lawrence Khong’s performance in July. Pastor Khong has taken a religious viewpoint of the LGBT movement and like some other religious groups have taken a stand against their lifestyle. The decision to support the outspoken […]

Really gay or Labelled gay?

How often do we hear the phrase “so gay” in our society nowadays? I would say pretty often. That’s why when the article “MOE should not hire homosexual teachers”  was brought to light by TRS, I hesitated to believe. The phrase “so gay” is so callously used today that many don’t see the gravity of […]