Could the answer to HIV treatment be in our backyard

Researchers have found a plant that could aid with the treatment of HIV and some other STDs, in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. This may be interesting for people who just got tested for STDs (visit for more information on the testing process and diseases types), and prefer treatment with natural components. Originally, the plant […]

Guest DJ at Zouk upstaged by son of Najib

Zouk decides to please son of Najib than their paying customers and their billed Guest DJ. Zouk, renowned nightspot and home to partygoers throughout Asia decided to not only piss of their customers but their billed Egyptian guest DJ duo Aly and Fila. They forced the duo to stop their set to let Najib Razak’s […]

Ringg-it in

How much does it costs to live in Malaysia as compared to Singapore? Have you ever wondered about it? Especially with the dramatic drop in the value of our neighbour’s currency. Here’s an infographic from Loanstreet. Now you know how many extra drinks you can get in a Malaysian Starbucks compared to one at home.


A Malaysian-born Muslim Mujahidin Zulkiffli, just spoke his mind about Muslim Sensitivity on his Facebook page, and is now going VIRAL He wrote: They say Non-Halal burger; we say it’s provoking us. They say “pork free” restaurant; we say it’s to confuse us. They say “Only Non-Bumi units left”; we say they are discriminating us. They say […]

LionsXII out

Singapore’s LionsXII have been shown the door by Football Association of Malaysia The LionsXII have been playing in the Malaysian League since 2012 and have done well winning the league in 2013. This came after a meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur where 12 members of the FAM committee voted unanimously for the teams expulsion. […]

Jusuf Kala does it again

Jusuf Kala blames the wind. Jusuf Kala a man who possibly believes in fairies and dragons has once again moaned about all the complaints coming from the region due the haze. The haze was one of the worst we’ve ever experienced reaching the dizzy heights of 300 and above on more than one occasion. Speaking […]

Taking the fight to them

In lieu of the attacks in Paris, we take a look at our own home, Singapore. In May earlier this year, it was cited on social media that Singapore could be a target for an ISIS attack. The terror group has had a foothold in South East Asia, with a recruits joining the terror cell […]

Kalla wants us to be like Najib

Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla praised the attitude of Najib, for not complaining and for supporting Indonesia through the crisis. “Indonesia is thankful to Pak Najib and everyone, there is formal agreement at the ASEAN level on the (forest and estate) fires … (and) if necessary to resolve the problems together, Indonesia is grateful for […]

Indonesia “Considering” declaring the forest fires a national emergency

The forest fires can come and go and they’ll still be considering. Indonesia is considering declaring a national emergency over fires that have been smouldering across the archipelago for weeks, sending haze drifting across much of South-east Asia, the vice-president said on Tuesday. It’s been nearly two months now, and Indonesia has had much to […]

Does Joko Widodo have what it takes to tackle forest fires and save the region?

Indonesian President, Joko Widodo has stated that it’s been a tough first year for him as President especially when it comes to the economy and haze. In a previous statement, the Indonesian President mentioned that it would take at least three years before we’d see a marked improvement when it comes to the annual dilemma. […]