15 Tips To Plan A Budget Wedding Under S$14,000 In Singapore

Inclusive of an eight-course sit down lunch, wedding rings and two bridal gowns. It’s no joke planning a wedding in Singapore, ranked the most expensive city in the world for the third year running by the Economist Intelligence Unit, or EIU. Although this EIU survey actually measures expatriates’ cost of living, Singaporeans do feel the […]

10 facts about marriage and divorce in Singapore

Sooo… how many of you proposed over Valentine’s Day? Well done! But before you dive head-on into marriage, here are a few gloomy facts you might want to know first!   5. Are you going to be an unfaithful spouse? 6 out of 10 couples stay together even if their spouse is unfaithful! But we […]

We’ve got the money – now where’s honey and baby?

  (Photo: Not the real couple) Last week, the latest Marriage and Parenthood Package 2013 was released. An increased annual budget from $1.6 billion to $2 billion was implemented in a bid to make Singapore more family-friendly. I caught up with Jacqueline and Darren (not their real names), a young couple who got married in 2009 […]

Tying the knot in Singapore – not so romantic?

Summary: How do young couples cope with the financial woes of tying the knot? Is getting married becoming more of a financial arrangement? What impact does this have on couples’ everyday lives? Saw this article on Singaporeans having children earlier and earlier?  Reminded me of a good friend of mine. Clara, who’s only 24 years old […]

So marry me, maybe?

Summary: How do young Singaporeans view marriage and parenthood? What are some of the challenges and obstacles to marriage/parenthood that local singles/couples are facing? Are there any enhancements that the government can provide to the existing marriage and parenthood package to entice young couples? Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I had a massive […]

Letter: How to get more to marry

Here is a letter from Mr. Edmund Sim, a wedding photographer Very often we hear of younger Singaporeans not getting married and starting a family earlier. In my quest as a wedding photographer I have provided many a service to celebrating couples and more often than not, I question myself: “when it will be my […]

Here’s why we’re not getting married

When it comes to children, family and marriage – I feel we are too quick to take the easiest route out and seek blame. We blame society for its high prices, we blame the state for lack of welfare, we seek new target boards and means to justify it. I’d like to present a new […]