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First world health care – its not just fancy machines and high tech care

    I have an aunt in a nursing home, and my cousins don’t visit her. They don’t pay for her, and they don’t give her any money.  You won’t think of my aunt when you think of “first world health care” but to me, this is what she is getting. I was thinking about […]

Healthcare: How robust is the Singapore system?

Here is an excerpt from the headlines in the United Kingdom of late: “LONDON (Reuters) – The deaths of hundreds of hospital patients, left without food or water in filthy conditions, exposed an urgent need to change the culture of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). Between 400 and 1,200 patients are estimated to have died needlessly […]

Healthcare: South Korea vs Singapore

In light of the recent announcement by the health ministry that it will be looking into improving the affordability of healthcare in Singapore, I feel compelled to share my own experience in a country which boasts one of the most efficient and affordable healthcare systems in the world: South Korea.   Last December, I was […]