Preserving the heritage and identities of schools

Slightly less than a week after news broke on the merger of schools, the Minister of Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng has gone on Facebook to address the strong views on it. He acknowledged that many felt strongly about it and the merger is not an easy transition. But the mergerĀ of the Junior Colleges (JCs), […]

The Last Great Strike SPH

What SPH should learn from The Last Great Strike of the Straits Times Staff – SPH retrenchment

SPH retrenchment: 41 years ago in 1971, 900 journalists and printers from the Straits Times went on strike. And it is all captured in a book, The Last Great Strike, which covers eight days from Dec 23 to Dec 30 1971. Members of the Singapore Printing Employees Union and Singapore National Union of Journalists refused […]

Surviving Early Singapore

Pre-Independence was a very different time in Singapore, lawlessness and a struggle for survival was a little more dynamic. Simon Barter is a Singaporean who lived through the changes that our nation had to undergo to become what it is today, and his recollection of a time where he nearly died speaks volumes of the […]