Swiss rejects the minimum wage

  First, the Swiss wanted a minimum income ( now the unions have asked for a referendum to pass what could have been the highest minimum wage in the world at 4,000 Swiss Francs (S$5600). They certainly have a taste for the extreme. An overwhelming majority of the Swiss have voted against the minimum wage ( […]

Minimum Wage: The UK needs a major reform

  The UK is increasing its minimum wage by 19p an hour to £6.50 – and is in need of major reform. And who had the audacity to say this? Oh, just the man who set it up 15 years ago – Professor Sir George Bain. According to Sir George, the minimum wage policy has […]

Singapore needs minimum wage? Think twice, you may not benefit from it.

  I often get asked: “Do you have minimum wages in Japan? And when I reply “Yes”, the remark that follows is: “That’s great! That is what Singapore really needs!” I hear this quite often but hey, do you really know what you are wishing for? In a lot of countries, having minimum wages do […]

Don’t horse around with wage legislation

    Minimum wage is a beast. And it comes in a wide variety of species. Each species has a character and a personality a government must manage. If you want to ride a horse, you cannot just jump on a wild stallion and expect it to respond to you. It will throw you off […]

Temasek Review

Minimum Wage: SDP has it wrong

The following opinion was sent in by Eddie Lim The Singapore Democratic Party published a piece admonishing the Deputy Prime Minister for saying that a minimum wage system had crippled countries in Europe and the USA. Why was the DPM wrong? Because the economic crisis was caused by the “criminal acts of bankers” and not […]

Legislating wage – slaughter of a sacred cow?

Benjamin earlier wrote about the legislation of wages in the cleaning sector, and it’s announced yesterday by the NTUC. Slightly more than a year after it introduced the Progressive Wage Model, NTUC has successfully worked with the Government and cleaning industry to put the model into legislation. Wage legislation is quite a “sacred cow”.  We all […]

A Twisted Christmas Tale of Christmas (Behind The Scenes)

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, Santa checked his email, In his inbox, was a message RE: “Santa, We Gonna Bail” The contents, to Santa’s horror, was the following: “Dear Santa, get some other elves to do your thing, you pay us too low, our salaries don’t grow, we have wages too far below. […]

What minimum wage? This country wants minimum income!

  Switzerland intends to introduce a basic income for all adults. This means all adults in Switzerland will receive an unconditional income of SF$2,500 (~S$3400) per month.                           The initiative’s organizing committee said the basic income could partly be financed through money from […]

10 countries with an alternative to the minimum wage

  Minimum wage is a laudable piece of legislation. It is the simplest means of raising salaries across a nation. Yet, some countries have chosen not to implement it. We look at 10 developed nations who chose not to exercise the minimum wage (as law) and learn how they protect their vulnerable workers.   Austria […]

The truth behind wages in Singapore

  If you had taken a look at charts from CPF recently, you would have been frightened. CPF tells us that 17% of Singaporeans are earning less than $1,000 Now take a moment and soak in that number: 17% of 3m Singaporeans is a staggering 510k individuals earning less than $1000. (*See below for an […]