Teachers in Singapore

Are we overloading our teachers in Singapore?

The Straits Times published an article some days back about the increase in the number of Physical Education (PE), Arts and Music teachers in Singapore in the past 5 years. But that said, another report last year showed that about 5,000 teachers left the force in the past 5 years. While it’s the attrition rate […]

Five Reasons Teachers are Pissed Off at MOE

The removal of free parking in schools is just the tip of the iceberg. 1. Teachers are underpaid. Although the starting pay of teachers is now at an attractive $3,010 for graduates and $1,580 for non-graduates, there is much to be said for the wage progression thereafter. Even Labour MP Zainal Sapari, who was an […]

Has This School Principal Really Crossed A Line?

Making it’s round on the internet and on social media, a secondary school principal has come under fire for being too “social” with ex students on Facebook. Mr Leonard Koh, Principal of Northland Secondary School has had his social media life exposed online with two MOE teachers concerned about his behaviour on Facebook. Mr Koh […]

Singaporean Kids Spend Nearly 10 Hours On Homework A Week

Spending 9.4 hours a week on homework, Singapore is third in a list of students who spend the most time on homework. You might not remember how much time you spent on your homework back when you were a student, but students now seem to spend most of their time outside of school continuing the […]

Why does the MOE spend $350m on foreign students?

There are online questions asking why the Ministry of education spends $350 million a year on foreign students in Singapore‚Äôs education system. Is it true the government cares only about foreigners, and ignore the welfare of Singaporeans? The MOE’s operating budget MOE’s budget for 2014 is $11 billion. This is for the sole purpose of […]