10 ways adding the word “strategic” to your words help you sound like a boss

   Need to do something but need to make it sound like a big deal? At a loss of how to sound like a professional? Don’t fret – simply add the word “strategic” to your sentences and you’ll easily sound like someone who has things to do and places to go! We’ll show you how: […]

Merlion goes hmmmmm

Since my award winning performance on the 9th of August, the NDP organisers have requested that I pen a short note on my thoughts on the parade. After all, I’ve been silently sitting here in the same spot for so long, observing like a creepy stalker. But I have so many thoughts on so many […]

What’s in a birthday

The manner in which a person celebrates his or her birthday or how others celebrate his or her birthday perhaps reflect the kind of person he or she is. Are you the party-lover, who likes to be surrounded by people to give you hugs and presents, or are you the type who likes a quiet […]

All about home…

The article below has been contributed by Xin Hui. If “the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page”, I’m now waist-deep in Chapter ‘WEDDINGS’ – (read: other people’s destination weddings). Oh yes, wedding visits have taken me from Singapore to Bangkok, Bali, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, New York, […]


What does 5 stars and a moon mean to you

Was at a National Day Observance Ceremony, and heard this speech made by Mr Ong Ye Kung, guest-of-honour of the event. He needs no introduction to most people who knows GE2011. In his speech he outlined his own thoughts about what our national flag represents. We all know that the crimson red stands for universal brotherhood, […]


Happy National Day, Majulah Singapura!

“It was like any other Monday morning in Singapore until the music stopped. At 10am, the pop tunes on the radio were cut off abruptly. Stunned listeners heard the announcer solemnly readout a proclamation – 90 words that changed the lives of the people of Singapore and Malaysia:   “Whereas it is the inalienable right of […]

Pride or Prejudice

Pride or Prejudice

A Singaporean goes to the Olympics, after going through years of gruelling training and sacrificing her time and youth to bring glory to her nation on the international platform. She triumphed with a bronze medal, not just through her own hard work and determination, but also with the tremendous support given from many other fellow […]