Graffiti the new fine arts?

Mohammad Azlan or Ceno2 as he’s better known is a recognisable face, but not in Singapore. Being born and bred in Singapore, Ceno2 a renowned graffiti artist worldwide, has yet to achieve the same recognition here that he receives in cities such as Chicago and London. Ceno2’s face and art are known far and wide […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Have you heard of Wicked Aura? Percussionists, drummers, musicians, funk masters, Singaporeans. Chances are you have if you’ve walked down Orchard road a little less than a decade ago. They’re that huge ensemble of burly men banging on their drums and moving in surprising sync┬áto their beats. Many have stopped and watched them, many have […]

Squashing Local Talent

Local band told that they won’t be winning anything after they won a competition. I recently wrote an article titled Re-moving the arts, and it was a quiet piece about the lack of support for local acts in Singapore. And that although the arts and music scene does have a vibrant community that fights hard […]

Re-moving the Arts

What is music, and do you like it? You probably said yes. Everyone loves music, although we all have our preferences and differing tastes, it instills in us the same feelings and emotions. Whether you’re listening to Justin Beiber or Black Label Society, you’re a music lover and a great appreciator of a culture and […]