Choose your own vocation during National Service

If you can’t detect how I feel about this enlistees being given the option to choose their vocation during National Service, then for the record, I hate it. WHAT THEY SAY Besides factors such as physical fitness, suitability to perform tasks and operational requirements, now PRE-Enlistees’ interest are also taken into consideration when they are going to get […]

If you think NS is all green, you really should read this.

It ain’t easy being an NSF, in fact it’s way harder being an NSF in SCDF, This first came to light on the SubReddit, r/singapore. And later on The article showcased the life of an NSF. Not just any NSF though, the NSFs in blue that no one talks about. When one thinks of […]

More advice from everyone’s favourite looney

Want to pull a Houdini and zhao your NS? Amos Yee has perhaps shot himself in the foot, or not. He’s managed to run away from NS. He isn’t the first to have ran in fear from serving the two years. Almost all men here have served their National Service, and yes it was no […]

Go Jail or Serve NS?

NS evaders could soon face jail time for evading the duties of being a Singaporean son. A recent case saw Joseph Chow a 25 year old pay a fine of $4,500 after he completed his NS in August this year. Joseph who had been studying in Australia to help cope with his diagnosed attention deficit […]

How a man’s life was turned around with help from DPM Tharman

DPM Tharman more than just your man in an office. Mr Weevyn To, a former druggie and gangster with the help of family, church, a strong sense of self belief and DPM Tharman managed to turn his life around and find his own happiness. The 32 year old remembers hiding from the military police back […]

Singaporean Enters Guinness Book of Records

Singaporean Yeo Kim Yeong earned himself a Guinness World Record after completing the most pull ups in one minute. The Singaporean Strong Man completed 44 pull ups in under 60 seconds, a pretty remarkable feat. That’s 32 pull ups more than it was needed to get Gold for IPPT. Now you can do pull ups […]

This girl wants to do NS…

This article has been contributed by Elizabeth Tan, a girl who wants to do NS – putting many of our men to shame. 92 percent – in every 10 jobs offered in the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F), 9 of them are now open to women. These jobs include fighter pilots, infantry officers, naval captains and […]

So SAF is not changing IPPT after all…

We were so disappointed with Straits Times headlines that SAF IPPT “Likely to change from next year” resulted in a flat, written denial from the SAF refuted the entire story. It may not even happen. So it was just a piece superfluous news that got us all excited….   Oh well, but here are a […]

Youth in revolt

Youth in revolt?

The recent headline of an NS man who got knifed by a group of teenagers raises the question of youth creating trouble out of boredom. In Singapore, youth unemployment is quite low and youth crime is also relatively low, but that doesn’t mean we should let either get out of hand! At the same place […]

Rebuttal (Part II): Conscription, necessary or outdated?

  Here, I’d like to continue questioning the writer’s reasoning: Forced friendship The writer says friendships are “forced” is an insult to many of us. “Forced friendship” almost sounds like an oxymoron. One can still be enlisted yet do not “learn to accept people who are different from you and you will learn to accept […]