Labour MPs Couldn’t Stop Talking About This At Debate On President’s Address

Whilst the rest of Singapore were preoccupied whether or not the President mooted the idea to stop using CPF for housing (she didn’t, this guy did), we challenged ourselves to summarise what all the Labour MPs said in Parliament, in the debate on the President’s Address. Here are our summaries, not just in one sentence, […]


Can a behemoth like NTUC disrupt itself before it gets disrupted?

Founded in 1961 even before Singapore’s independence, NTUC has been around for more than half a decade. However, the world today is very different from when it was founded. Rapid technological advancements and changing socio-economic circumstances have disrupted many industries and various aspects of life in Singapore. Organisations that have been able to stay ahead […]

Reactions to the National Wages Council guidelines prove Singaporeans are spoilt brats

  Here I was on a Friday morning, getting in to work a bit later than usual and turning on my laptop to try and jiak zua (aka eat snake) until the end of the day  (give chance la… weekend mood). So I log into Facebook and scroll my newsfeed but all I see are […]

Future Leaders Summit

MOM Concludes “No Clear Evidence” Of Disguised Retrenchments, Really?

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say recently revealed that Ministry of Manpower (MOM) received 94 cases from employees with retrenchment-related issues last year. 15 appeals came from employees who have been dismissed but felt that they were retrenched and deprived of their retrenchment benefits. But only one appeal is being resolved. The other workers were either […]

What do Singapore Opposition Parties Say About Retrenchments?

There has been quite a bit of coverage on job cuts (except on SPH which has ownself embargoed ownself on its layoffs). PAP MPs have been nagging companies to inform MOM and unions early of retrenchments. On the other hand, netizens criticise that the Tripartite Guidelines on managing excess manpower are simply guidelines, and workers […]

The TL;DR Guide to National Day Rally 2016

If you didn’t have time to catch the National Day Rally 2016, here is our TL;DR version of the English speech by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who had to take a short break in between but came back to finish his speech like a true champ! 1. Don’t be scared of Uber, Pokemon Go […]

Job Security: 2016 might not look good for workers…but there’s hope.

Job Security: Workers, prepare yourself…2016 is really going to be a challenge. In first 3 quarters of 2015, the number of retrenchments on the national level stood at 8,600. (Sources tell us that the overall number for 2015 is likely to hit more than 25,000, which is higher than 20,000 in 2009) In the unionised […]

Imagine Singapore without the PAP and its policies

During the recent President’s Address at the opening of Parliament, two points that were made was 1. about having “appropriate checks and balances so that alternative views can be heard” and 2. that the government will study the current political system and see if tweaks are necessary so the system can improve. At a recent think-tank […]

Chan Chun Sing’s 1074 word essay has one message: the downturn is looming

When the Labour Chief spends his time to pen down all these words to warn you of a downturn, perhaps it might be good to pay some notice. You can read the article in full here. In case you haven’t noticed, there is economic slowdown in Singapore. Retrenchments have been announced and the country is […]

Employment, entitlement etc.

The question is always ‘What is the role of a labor movement?’ How much is about collective bargaining, how much is about social change for all workers? – Andy Stern Employment is not an entitlement, it is not a right and neither is it guaranteed. In a place like Singapore, where the unemployment rates are […]